Leaving a Bible in Africa

I went to hear our church missions team report on their Africa trip. Viewing their pictures, hearing about the lions calling out to each other near their living quarters, discovering how the monkeys stole their shampoo and soap in the outdoor showers, and listening to their plans to return was amazing.

Every detail intrigued my heart.

Then one lady shared about meeting a woman who didn’t have a Bible. And she felt God calling her to give that lady her 20-year-old Bible. She showed pictures of her highlighted Bible’s pages, notes scribbled in the margins.

Every detail captured my heart. I knew that Bible—the one covered in 20 years of tears.

I went to her afterwards and hugged her. “I can’t believe you gave away something so special—something most people pass down to their children.”

She said, “I never thought about it like that.”

“No telling how many hearts will come to know Christ,” I said, “because you left your Bible in Africa.”


Shelli Littleton lives in Royse City, Texas, and blogs at ShelliLittleton.blogspot.com.






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