Missing my Dear Friend

I miss her. I do. I miss my dear friend.

We did everything together. Our kids were best friends. We celebrated birthdays together, holidays.

Now she’s across the globe. Her location can’t be mentioned. Even writing her is difficult because I can’t mention things like God, or praying, or church. Things that are second-nature to me can’t be discussed with her anymore. And I don’t want to make a mistake, mess up, and put her and her precious family in jeopardy. And it never fails, in writing or talking to her, I inadvertently do something wrong. And my gut wrenches for days.

My heart longs for her—to talk with her, pray with her, laugh with her, cry with her. Freely.

But periodically, I get an update from her. She shares praises—how she’s making real connections and spiritual progress with her language instructor, who doesn’t know Christ.

Peace hugs my heart. And I know the sacrifice is worth it.

She’s right where God needs her.


Shelli Littleton lives in Royse City, Texas, and blogs at ShelliLittleton.blogspot.com.








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