Sharing Jesus

As a believer, I know that I ought to be telling others about Jesus. Yet I find myself thinking of it as a complex endeavor for which special training is needed.

Although it isn’t complicated, it is a good idea to make preparations by learning pertinent verses, putting our testimony into words, and praying for guidance.

Actually there are numerous ways to share Jesus with others. The following are but 3 of them:

  1. A believer can simply relate the details of how she came to ask Jesus into her heart.
  2. She can use the “Romans Road” to salvation: Romans 3:236:235:8;10:1310:9–10. These verses are frequently quoted in Christian settings, which makes memorizing them easier.
  3. She can ask the other person 3 questions; the answers to which indicate where that person is spiritually. In order, the questions are “Who was Jesus?,” “What did He do?,” and “Why does it matter?” These questions direct the conversation in such a way as to create an opportunity to tell the other person about Jesus and His love, grace, and forgiveness.

Leigh Pritchett lives in the southeastern United States, a missions field that is “white unto harvest.”

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