Simple Love Goes a Long Way

Three weeks after I moved into my new apartment, I met Kana. Kana and her daughter had just moved in across the hall. The immigrant single mom had recently lost her job and didn’t have much outside support.

After a couple of “hellos” in passing, Kana and I ran into each other one day as she was looking for a job. We had a long conversation about her recent hardships and how discouraged she was; she also expressed deep gratitude for her new home and how she hoped this was a starting point for her and her little girl. As I stood and listened, I realized how much she needed the love and support of a family. I told her about my church and how much it means to me to have a church family to support me when things are hard.

A few days later, I heard a frantic knock on my door. I opened the door and there were Kana and her daughter. She was in tears. I invited her in and she told me she might lose her apartment if she didn’t find a job soon. She explained that she had nowhere else to go and the most likely option for her family would be a homeless shelter if she were evicted. I prayed with her. I shared with her the hope of Christ and the promises He has for us. She left encouraged but still a bit worried.

I started doing some research and the next day, I gave Kana a couple of resources on jobs I knew about and places to find work. She was so grateful! She told me later how much it meant to her that I truly cared enough to help her find a job.

Her words reminded me how simple acts of kindness and concern can be just the things that point people to Christ.

Christy Dyer is a North American Mission Board church-planting team member serving through missions engagement and mobilization in New York City. To read more about her ministry, visit

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