Submerging Yourself in God’s Word

“What are we doing in VBS this year?” I asked my daughter. I lay back on the carpeted floor near her. I know she’s in “the know” because both my teenage girls work in children’s choir.

“We’re doing ‘Submerge.’ We’re already working on a song. It’s really annoying that even when we aren’t practicing it, the girls are singing it. The boys are fed up with the girls.”

Sometimes we have to give up our desires for the greater good.

And I smiled, knowing the intent—make the lyrics so catchy, they stick with you forever, just like God’s Word.

“Can I hear it?” I asked.

“Sure.” She played it on her phone, and the words talked about submerging yourself in God’s Word, diving in deep.

My heart went straight to my first Beth Moore Bible study, when I fell deeply in love with God. I gave up television, computer time, and the like to pour in Scripture—the greater good.

My hands began going up and down to the beat.

My daughter shook her head and smiled.


Shelli Littleton lives in Royse City, Texas, and blogs at








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