An Unexpected Platform

Microphone on stage

Recently, while walking through a subway station, I was approached by a stranger. I assumed he was a lost tourist, but he was a photographer taking photos of New Yorkers for a blog. I quickly realized he writes for a very popular photo blog that has millions of followers. He asked if he could take my photo and share my story. I’d never thought much about what I would say if approached by this guy (as I’m a big fan of his work), but here I was standing there with a great opportunity to share my story.

I said yes, and his first question was something along the lines of “What are you most passionate about?” So I started talking about Christ, the gospel, and church planting. I stammered through several things and really don’t remember all of what I said. I honestly didn’t say anything profound; I just rambled on about my life and the things I do.

Then 24 hours later, the photo was up and a small paragraph was attached. The summary of our 10-minute conversation was instantly a portrait of the gospel for his followers to read. I was shocked by the impact these simple words had on the followers of this blog. As people reached out and shared their thoughts with me, it was obvious God had used this opportunity to share His message with people I will never meet. 

As I thought about what happened, verses like 1 Peter 3:15 came to mind, which tell us to be ready to give an answer for the hope we have within us. That hope is paramount to my life and ministry, and I am glad I was ready to share about it that day.

Christy Dyer is a North American Mission Board church-planting team member serving through missions engagement and mobilization in New York City. To read more about her ministry, visit

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