Why Wait?

Do you wait well? Or do you give up quickly if the line is long, the results aren’t immediate, or a prayer isn’t answered? Sometimes the fulfillment of even a God-given vision takes more time than expected and tests our capacity to persevere.

I have been inspired by the perseverance of my friend Doug as I have watched him hold fast and “chase after” his God-sent dream. For several years, Doug, a local architect with a young family and church leadership role, has vigilantly pursued his vision for a children’s interactive Bible museum in our city.

He has patiently (or not!) sought support, funding, and possible locations while gathering a creative leadership team to provide counsel and a support base to brainstorm and bounce off ideas about decision making. He has also developed extensive plans and story themes while pursuing community dialogue and involvement from local citizens and churches.

Doug’s contagious commitment to this terrific discipling and mission tool is exciting to observe. We watch with him to see the possibilities for this huge project. But even more so, his modeling of confidence in God’s plan and his faithful perseverance certainly sets a high standard for all of us. Doug reminds us that we are not to become “weary in doing good”, knowing in due time a harvest will come (Galatians 6:9). 

Lettie Kirkpatrick Burress is working on perseverance as a pray-er, caregiver, and Christ follower. Connect at lettiejk@gmail.com.






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