WMU Wins Souls for Christ

I’ve worked with WMU for several years. I attended several leadership conferences, and I was a workshop leader representing Sisters Who Care. During one conference, Ms. Chocolate spoke about the needs of children in her community. She encouraged us to spread the gospel in our neighborhoods stating, “How will they know unless we tell them?”

I’ve recalled those words often. I’ve interviewed missionaries who are thankful for readers’ prayers for them, their families, and for the salvation of the people groups they serve. Missionaries sacrifice the comforts of home to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those who’ve never heard nor thought of having a relationship with God who created them. “How will they know?”

Each time I read Missions Mosaic articles explaining how to participate in missions, whether through giving, prayers, or evangelism in my community, I remember that I must tell them so eternity will be different. When I run errands, go to work, travel, or sit in the doctor’s waiting room, I testify of God’s goodness using some of the resources and strategies WMU offers to win souls for Christ. They won’t know unless we tell them. 

By Audrey Hector

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