Learning Can Be a Life-Changing Experience

What takes place in our society when listening, learning, and loving converge? What changes occur when your missions group collectively answers God’s call to learn and compassionately shares His love in an educational environment? Being disciples becomes the focus, and the effect is contagious. Communities are transformed. Families are restored. Lives are changed forever!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Through recognizing and serving the needs of others, your missions group can become intentionally involved in the spiritual journey of those right around you. Without warning, you learn that missional living is the ultimate destination of your day-to-day journey and not just a random side trip.

How can your missions group powerfully impact our society for Christ through various learning environments? First, seek God’s will. Ask and trust Him to identify whom He is especially calling you to serve. Then, reserve a time to reconvene. Compile a list of potential ministry sites: city/county jails, local schools, pregnancy resource centers, shelters for victims of domestic abuse, and English as a second language classes at community centers.

Once you have received a clear direction in identifying prospective learning environments, commit to seek God’s direction once again. Ask Him to confirm the group to be your mission. Over time, be prepared to impact more than just 1 group or audience. After receiving further confirmation, make contact with someone in charge to pinpoint needs and pursue approval.

  • Get in touch with the police chief or sheriff to seek permission to donate Christian reading material for inmates and/or conduct a weekly or monthly gender-specific Bible study. Hold a churchwide collection drive for materials.
  • Adopt an elementary, middle, or high school. Drop a line to the principal. Offer to celebrate staff appreciation day by donating goody bags for all personnel. Research mentoring/tutoring opportunities offered through the board of education.
  • Contact the director of the closest pregnancy resource center. Propose the possibility of teaching a Bible study or leading a weekly prayertime for all future mothers. Chip in to purchase baby Bibles to bless each participant. Ask if the center offers a men’s ministry for prospective fathers. If not, volunteer to help it create one.
  • Talk with the director of a shelter for domestic violence victims. Inquire about developing a mentoring program. Host a churchwide clothing drive. Teach residents how to “dress for success” as well as educate them on interview techniques and résumé skills. Commit to helping residents celebrate holidays and birthdays by bringing refreshments, decorations, and gifts.
  • Assume a teaching role in an ESL class. Include simple children’s hymns as a tool to teach basic English language skills while incorporating an evangelical element.

Through the various opportunities afforded within your community, you can participate in the learning experiences of others while introducing them to the love of Christ.

Joanie Ballard loves to participate in the learning experiences of an amazing fourth-grader through her local elementary school’s mentoring program.

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