Share His Love and Make It Personal

Missions projects should involve personal contact when possible. It is easy to send a gift or money, but it is more difficult to meet people on their home turf. Sometimes they would rather have the opportunity to sit down and talk than anything we can give them. They need to feel they are worthy to be loved and know someone cares enough to spend time with them. This personal contact gives you the opportunity to share Jesus and tell them what He means to you.

Before you plan your missions project, call ahead to ensure all mission sites welcome visitors. Some in the group may prefer to go in pairs. Emphasize the personal touch.

Before You Go

Write the missions activities on small strips of paper and pin them to a bulletin board.
Pray for God’s direction as these community missionaries choose their missions field from the bulletin board.
Allow $10 to spend on each mission. The money can be used to buy food, small gifts, or other necessities.
Provide Bibles, tracts, and flyers about your church.
Answer questions, give directions, and set a time to return to the meeting place for debriefing.

As You Go

Here are some places God can use you:        

Hospice—Visit anyone you know who is there. Offer to sit with a patient and let a family member take a break. Take food for the hospitality room.
Nursing Home—Take goody bags or small gifts for 2 or 3 people. Offer to read favorite Scriptures. Engage them in conversation; give them a chance to tell you what is on their hearts.        
Jail—Take Bibles, Christian magazines, books, or tracts. Invite inmates to meet for a Bible study. Engage in polite conversation and give them a chance to talk. Ask about their families, especially their children.
On the Street—Instead of giving money to the homeless, give them canned meat and beans, bread, and water. In winter, provide them with warm clothing and blankets. Talk with them. Listen.
School—Ask a teacher about a child who needs a loving touch. Put a good book in a treat bag to take home. Read with the child. Play games. Sing silly songs. Laugh. Show the child you care.
Camp Ground—Lead a devotion at a picnic shelter. Recycle Vacation Bible School materials and use with the children. Tell a Bible story. Have a sing-along for adults or children.          
ICU Waiting Room—Visit around the room. Share what God has done in your life. Sit and chat with someone waiting alone. Pray with that person. Offer to get him or her a snack or drink.
Resort—Give out tracts and bottles of cold water. Play beach volleyball. Invite people to church. Ask a pastor or church planter how you can help with his resort ministry.

After You Return

Debrief with the following questions:

Why did you choose your activity?
How did God bless your efforts?
How did you use your $10?                    
Would you do it again? Why?

Missions is Ann Knowles’s passion. She loves to write, talk, and teach about missions. She and her husband live in Wilmington and attend Bolivia Baptist Church in Bolivia, North Carolina. 

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