Working Together to Make Missions Successful

The most beautiful thing about missions is not simply that it exists but how God gets His work done and invites us to join in His mission. Using His people, God instills in us a desire to serve Him, different talents, and passions and a focus on the gospel.

One of my favorite missions projects is Operation Christmas Child, a project of Samaritan’s Purse. I love watching how many different types of people it takes to get thousands of shoe boxes packed each fall:

There are year-round bargain shoppers who check toy aisles and back-to-school sales, socking away their blessed stash.
There are parents who use the project to teach their children spiritual lessons about other children.
There are artistic people who love the decorating part of the project and enjoy making the boxes beautiful on the outside.
There are the people who quietly donate toward the postage needed to ship the boxes to their destinations.
There are churches who pray over the boxes, asking the Lord to bless the recipients and make Himself known to their families.
There are countless people I never see who sort boxes and deliver them to places all over the world. 

Sheila Gosney lives in Monroe City, Missouri. She’s a wife, mother, and grandmother who loves missions and ministry.

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