Gifts of Hope Ministry Set

Gifts of Hope Ministry Set

Stuart Davidson, pastor of Eastern Shore Baptist Church, says this about these meaningful devotional books, “The ‘Gifts of Hope’ series answers the call to cast our burdens at the feet of Jesus and encourages the reader to cling to the One who provides peace everlasting—Jesus Christ.”

We are looking for groups to offer a special ministry project within your community. This idea works especially well for small groups such as Adult Sunday School classes and missions or discipleship study groups. For $125, you receive a Gifts of Hope Ministry Set to put in a high traffic area within your community such as a waiting room for a doctor, dentist, chiropractor, diagnostic testing center, lawyer office, food pantry, clothes closet, even an auto repair service shop or tire store. The possibilities are endless. If you have 13 people in your small group, everyone contributes about $10.00. So, please purchase a Gifts of Hope Ministry Set and get started today.

Your group members can then make sure books in the set are restocked as they are used, and it will cost less than $1.00 for each group member to replenish a book as needed. This is just one of many ways your missions group—whether Adults on Mission, Women on Mission, or myMISSION—can share the love of Christ with those in need. Thank you for helping to be a part of this important and worthy ministry program. Think of the good that this Gifts of Hope Ministry Set can do for someone in need.

Each set comes with 12 devotional books, a display box, a card inviting people to take a free book, suggestions on placing the box, and devotional book reorder information. The price includes shipping and handling.

The “Gifts of Hope” series has been especially popular and helpful to people in a crisis. The topics include: peaceful living, hurting marriages, chronic illness, infertility, infant loss, and others. These books offer hope to the person taking 1 of these free books who’s experiencing one of these difficult life challenges. Our belief and prayer is that it will offer lasting hope in Christ. Will you help? Will you be the hands and feet of Christ today to a stranger in need?

To order your Gifts of Hope Ministry Set or call us at 1-800-968-7301.

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