5 Tips to Strengthen Relationships

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God established the idea of community in the Garden of Eden, and this theme is woven throughout the Bible. But if relationships are so foundational to Christian life, why do we often struggle with them? There is no easy answer, but we can take some steps to improve and invest in our friendships.

Transform your mind-set. Instead of seeing relationships as time-consuming or difficult, consider how they can enrich your life. Since American culture places such a large emphasis on timeliness and productivity, it is easy to forget to make time for others. To change this mind-set, it is helpful to remember that God sees each person as precious and worthy. When developing relationships, it is essential to embrace this mentality. People are important, and spending time in fellowship with others helps you learn and grow.

Be present. When you spend time with people, remove distractions. Put your phone away, and try to go somewhere without TVs or loud music. Slowing down and unplugging from technology allows you to engage in the current moment and demonstrates respect for your relationship.

Make sacrifices. To prioritize relationship, consider the other person’s wants and needs. This may be something as simple as choosing to meet up at a time that is more convenient for them or going to a restaurant they choose. But whatever the situation, making the other person’s needs a priority shows that you value them and their friendship.

Be patient. Relationships take time to develop and maintain. Don’t be discouraged when a friendship seems stagnant. Instead, use it as motivation to strengthen your relationship. Spend time in prayer seeking God’s will in the situation. Then make a call, write a letter, or send a text message to show how important this friendship is to you.

Invest your time. Everyone has to eat, so why not use a meal as an opportunity to get to know someone new or deepen an existing relationship? Sharing a meal is a tangible way to show you are invested in your relationship and that you care about the other person enough to set aside time to be with them.

Through strong relationships and intentional fellowship with other believers, you can help one another grow closer to Christ. And by investing in existing relationships or stepping out to develop new ones, you can show God’s love to everyone around you.

Emily Clark is a senior at Samford University and is currently serving as an intern with WMU’s editorial production hub.


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