Digging into Scripture

women reading Bibles at a women's group Bible study

The United States is one of the most theologically saturated countries in the world, boasting a wealth of resources for studying the Bible. Unfortunately many of those in church pews and small groups still remain at a shallow level of biblical understanding. Digging deeper into Scripture is a steady process that requires good tools and methods.

One of the first tips I recommend is seeing the overarching story of the Bible. By going in depth in God’s Word, you learn to see Scripture passages or verses as a whole picture, woven together as one tapestry. Familiarize yourself with the big story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Cultivate study methods that involve key questions: What is the context? How does this segment fit within the book I am studying? What does it teach me about living a life that brings glory to God? Keep practicing these tools until you get the hang of it. Consider getting a study Bible that provides background information for each book, if you don’t already own one.

If this seems overwhelming to you, you’re in good company. Many others who have gone before you have poured over the same sacred text. It can be tempting to simply feed off their work, but you must grow in maturity and learn to do the work for yourself. As a follower of Christ, remember that you have the Holy Spirit to rely on as your guide. As you study, pray for the Spirit’s guidance.

Another aspect of going deeper with the Bible is Scripture memorization. Memorization is more than learning to repeat verses. It involves hiding God’s Word in your heart. Memorize Scripture for truth, not for your feelings. A number of Scripture memorization methods are out there, so use one that fits your learning style.

There is great benefit to studying in a classroom setting. You have a sounding board for asking questions and are in an environment where you are learning from and with others. Likewise it is advantageous to read and study the Word of God with others outside the personal time you set aside for study. The Bible gives several examples and exhortations for corporate study and reading of God’s Word. It’s a key element in being discipled and discipling others.

Personally I find digging deep into the Bible exhausting but richly rewarding. As I uncover gems of truth and see connections I hadn’t made before, God’s Word becomes exciting and life giving. No matter what stage of learning Scripture you are in, keep at it. Dig deep, sisters in Christ!

Ena Redding* is a seminary graduate. She loves pouring over God’s Word and sharing what she learns with others.

*Name changed.

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