Don’t Get ahead of Yourself

Sometimes I get so far ahead of myself on a project or a task that I forget what the original task was. I skim through the instructions, fail to ask my professor for any tips or guidelines, and dive headfirst into whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing—until I get stuck. Then, frustrated, I am forced to go back, reread, and ask questions, merely to discover I was only about 15% right in the direction I was headed.

Someone once reminded me that if you don’t have time to do it right the first time, what makes you think you’ll have time to redo it later? It’s some of the best advice I’ve ever received. Unfortunately I catch myself doing this with the gospel as well. I will set out in hopes of sharing the news of Jesus Christ without first talking with my Teacher and heading His instructions through prayer.

Prayer may be the most important part of witnessing to others. Why? Because we can’t bring others to Jesus alone. Without the Holy Spirit, how can we attempt to make disciples? Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit must awaken the soul and open the eyes of unbelievers and only then will our sharing of the Word take hold. And how do we ask the Holy Spirit to do these things? Through prayer.

Jesus gave us a very clear task: make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19); however, He never meant for us to do it alone. Just like a difficult assignment in which you rely on a professor’s guidance before you even begin, rely on the Holy Spirit before you begin to witness.

Ask God to stir up the hearts of those you are called to witness to, and your words will not return empty.

Molly Neill is a student at The University of Alabama whose love of travel has developed into a passion for missions.

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