Go and Make Disciples as a Group

A group of young women holding Bibles and walking together

The idea of making disciples can be a little unnerving; the mere thought of sharing your faith can be scary. When the fear of rejection, judgment, and persecution creep in, it can cripple you and cause you to shy away from telling the lost people in your life how Jesus has changed you. Though Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:18–20 is for each one of us, we don’t have to go and make disciples alone.

Follow Jesus’ Lead

Jesus did not command us to do anything He did not do Himself. He made disciples alongside His 12 disciples. He knew the effectiveness of showing His disciples as He taught them how to share the gospel. It would provide a valid witness, and the group members would have a built-in support system for comfort and encouragement when things got rough or to rejoice when things were going great.

Seek the Lost Together

Invite lost friends and acquaintances to visit your small group. A small group is much less intimidating than a big church crowd and can be the perfect place for a nonbeliever to learn, grow, and ask questions without fear of judgment. Your witness will be reinforced by others who are sharing what God is doing in their lives through prayer requests and testimonies.

Go beyond your church walls and serve those in your community who are in need. Plan a missions project that will allow your group to meet lost people where they are and share the good news of Jesus. Consider beginning an ongoing project so you can build relationships with a group of people over time. Remember to include visitors to your group as a way to train and empower them to share the gospel.

Kerstin Byne lives in Fayetteville, Georgia, and is a student at Liberty University pursuing her master’s in special education. She has a heart for missions and serving the least of these.


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