How to Use Your Gifts: Be You and Flourish

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I took a spiritual gifts test, one of those online tests where you answer 50 questions and it tells you what your gifts are, and to be honest, I didn’t entirely disagree. It told me mine were discernment, exhortation, faith, mercy, and administration. The way it described discernment was “the divine strength or ability to spiritually identify falsehood, to distinguish between right and wrong motives and the spiritual forces at work in situations.”

Hmm. OK. So what does it look like to lean into this gift and encourage the body of Christ around me?

This isn’t the first “test” I have taken where discernment comes up. I don’t disagree, but I struggle with fleshing out what that looks like because for me, I may have this gift of discernment from God—but so rarely do I speak it.

I have these moments throughout my week when I feel this sense of something going on and how maybe, just maybe I should speak some truth and encouragement into the room or the conversation (cue spiritual gift of exhortation)—but I remain silent.

I often don’t say anything because I lack the courage at the moment to believe in the Spirit of Christ in me to boldly speak truth and encouragement to those around me. I am silenced by my fears of “What will they think?” or the lie that “No one wants to hear what I have to say.” That lie has been loud for me and has left me in silence and insecurity.

Boldly Step into Your Gifts

Maybe you aren’t like me, feeling the compulsive need to take personality tests, and you already know your gifts. There are ways your gifts play out naturally in your day to day. Some of you are gifted in hospitality. You create a space, a room, a home filled with a welcoming, loving spirit. You love baking, cooking, and making sure plates are filled with delicious food and tummies are happy, which, in turn, makes hearts happy. That is your gift and you know it—but are you like me where maybe you haven’t boldly stepped into it? Maybe you have space but have struggled with inviting people over, out of fear of rejection within your hospitable heart.

What would it look like if we set aside our fears and insecurities and leaned into where we are gifted and took a reflective look at our lives and realized the things we are doing well? We all have areas of our lives Jesus is already blessing. What would it look like if we stopped listening to the inner critic who tells us to stop and we say yes and do it? We say yes to teaching the Sunday School class. We say yes to serving in Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS). We say yes to inviting people into our home. We say yes when the Spirit prompts us to use our gift of prayer and pray for someone. We say yes to serving in a ministry in our community.

Let’s say yes to who God has created us to be. May this year be filled with us feeling empowered to be the women He has created and use our gifts for His kingdom.

Abi Khavari is a mother of 2 who lives in Denver, Colorado. After serving overseas, she followed her call back to the States and has been ministering to her family and community. Right now, her missions field extends from tucking her toddlers in with hymns and prayers to gathering women together in MOPS to share their hearts and their journeys.


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