Living Missionally in a Social Media World

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram . . . Social media has become how we live life. Thousands of posts a day is what most of us read. Some capture our attention, some make us cringe, and some lead us to click the “unfollow” button. As Christians, we have the opportunity to share the gospel in a beautiful way on social media. Someone reads a post, replies, and messages for further information, and a conversation begins that leads to sharing Christ. It happens.

Using social media to share the gospel sounds simple, but it takes some prayer and thought. Sharing the gospel on social media is more than simply throwing a few seeds of Bible verses out into the digital world and hoping they grow. Begin with prayer, asking God for discernment in how and what to share. Post focusing on building relationships; read the tweets or posts of others and reply.

The challenge is to be consistent in posting personal information and the gospel. Throwing in a Scripture post among the weeds of raging over neighbors, drivers, church members, or people of different ethnicities; inappropriate jokes; political rants; or loosely disguised slanderous statements is not an effective method of sharing Christ. This may ease one’s conscious, but it is not living missionally in a social media world.

Craft Your Message

  1. Keep it personal. Sharing the story of how Jesus has changed and loved you will make a true impact on others.
  2. Post more than only a Scripture. Explain why it means something personal. How did it touch your heart or help in the midst of life?
  3. Post wisely and prayerfully. Worst post ever? A picture featuring people standing on the side of the road holding a sign with a Scripture and no explanation. One posting this way may be seen as a fanatic rather than a Christ follower sharing a rare and beautiful love available to all.
  4. Refrain from posting cryptic messages understood by Christians only. Using “churchy” words confuses unchurched friends. Such posts do more to make others unfollow you than intrigue them to want to know more about Christ.
  5. Live a life worthy of posting. Unchurched people see Christians as hypocrites. Why? Because they know Christians! If you are going to share the gospel, then you have to live it and live it consistently. Ranting, whining, and posting hateful articles or jokes is seen as hypocritical. Slugging out church politics on social media lessens the impact of everything positive that is posted.
  6. Chat. Using a messaging app to chat as the gospel is shared gives the opportunity to answer questions, offer added scriptural support, and build a relationship.
  7. Be patient. Remember to be able to share the gospel with unchurched people, you have to be their friend or follower. That means you must authentically follow their lives, ask questions, and build a relationship of trust.

Any means possible to share Christ in a social media world means being prayerfully intentional about how you share. That care is rewarded when friends accept Christ. Celebrate with a tweet!

Deb Douglas lived a social media life from Bossier City, Louisiana.

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