Love Your Neighbors through Your Spiritual Gifts

young woman shoveling snow

“Can I bring you dinner tonight?” read the text from one of my friends. As I typed and retyped, I wasn’t sure whether I could accept such kindness. The immediate answer in my heart was “yes, please,” but my pride and my sense of not wanting to be a burden tempted me to say no. This day hadn’t been an ordinary day—I had been down with a stomach bug and my husband had to work, so I was grasping for energy where I could find it to care for my 2 young daughters. So I said yes.

Hours later, she arrived on my doorstep with her infamous bone broth soup proven to cure sickness and a host of other treats and items for my family and kids. No part of her handed this box of food to me out of a heart of anger or burden, as though I had asked too much of her. She wanted to help, she was truly happy to help, and she humbly offered me what she could that evening, and it was a gift to my home and family.


Get Involved in the Day-to-Day

Loving our neighbors brings with it an opportunity to be involved in the day-to-day of people’s lives. There are moments when they may have needs that align perfectly with the spiritual gifts we possess. For my dear friend that day, her gift was to mobilize meals like a chef at a diner and bus those across town to me at full speed. For me, the thought of pulling together a pack like that would have been overwhelming and would have taken a lot of days of planning, but for her, it aligned with her heart and who she is, and it was a humble gift of love to me.

Our spiritual gifts and how God created us to be can align with how we serve our community and the world around us. When I serve out of a heart that is natural to the woman I am, it is a joy to bring my gifts to my friends. For example, I may not be as able to spontaneously make a meal for a friend of mine who is sick, but with my gift of administration, I can create meal calendars for friends who are in need and mobilize the community around me to fill the empty slots so they have meals brought to them every few days. It feels small, but dinners showing up on your doorstep in a difficult season can be a little added strength for weary days.


Nothing Is Too Small

Serving our community out of our gifts could look like volunteering at an organization or sending texts of prayers to friends or buying someone’s lunch or shoveling the snow on our neighbor’s walk. The idea of serving can sometimes feel as if it has to be something grandiose or else it isn’t significant, but if service extends out of our God-given gifts, it is organic and free. As we lean into who we are designed to be, we are free to serve our community in what feels like simple things, like shoveling snow, but nothing is small in the kingdom of God.

What is one small way you can serve someone today? Where could your spiritual gifts bring life and encouragement to someone else?

The body of Christ is a beautiful thing when it works together serving and loving the world around it. Make that dinner. Send that note. Buy that coffee. Be bold, and know however you show up in love, you are bringing life and the heart of Jesus to the world around you.

Abi Khavari is a mother of 2 who lives in Denver, Colorado. After serving overseas, she followed her call back to the States and has been ministering to her family and community. Right now, her missions field extends from tucking her toddlers in with hymns and prayers to gathering women together in MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) to share their hearts and their journeys. Follow her on Instagram @abifaith18 to read more thoughts and blogs.


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