Make Disciples: Pouring Your Life into Others

two thirtysomething women taking a walk together outdoors

We all are pouring from our lives into others. The question is, “What sort of life am I pouring into them and why is it important?”

Evangelism and discipleship originated in the heart of God and are, over time, formed in you through the Holy Spirit. Think back to the beginning of your God story. Which people and places did God use to draw you into an intimate relationship with Him? How did they pour life into you?

You know the Scriptures: “Go and make disciples.” “Be my witnesses.” You know Jesus’ promise to be with you as you go. What would change if you understood you are only one part of the process, an important part but not the whole?

Reading Jeff Iorg’s book Unscripted: Sharing the Gospel as Life Happens helped me realize making disciples is as simple as pouring my life into another person. I realized weaving the gospel into my faith story and sharing it through ordinary life experiences was like building a bridge to Jesus. Write your story and practice telling it so it flows naturally from your heart.

Put First Things First

  • Prayer is paramount! Ask God to give you wisdom and boldness. Pray for the barriers of time and fear to come down.
  • Openness and vulnerability are essential. Often failure teaches more than success. It demoralizes others when you give a false impression that you have always had it all together.
  • People possess different learning styles, so use several spiritual growth methods and choose what works best for the person you are with.
  • Be flexible and patient, but understand persistence is necessary to help the one you are pouring into prioritize time for spiritual growth.

Suggested Activities with a Disciple

Results are assured because God is working in both your lives, deepening your spiritual roots. Two who walk together find greater strength to face life’s challenges. Scripture transforms your heart and mind, and you begin to love what God loves. Multiplication happens as you both step out freely and pour your lives into another and another and another who pour their lives into others. It’s a delightful and beautiful transformation.

You may find a soul friend for life in this process. I did, and I can’t imagine life without her now.           

Lucretia Mobbs is grateful to the women who poured themselves into her and is delighted when God brings someone into her life to pour life into.


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