Navigate Life’s Detours with Peace and Purpose

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The doctor turned off the screen and put down his ultrasound probe. With a grim expression, he confronted us with his findings. “Mrs. Conner, I’m afraid you are pregnant with triplets,” he said.

My eyes widened with shock. Three babies? We were trying for 1, maybe 2, but certainly not 3. How would we raise 3 babies in addition to our 2-year-old daughter? This was not in our plans.

At the time, we were living in a small rental house in Virginia that had no room for 3 babies. We were part of a new church plant and recently had discussed applying to serve in international missions. We had plans and were content. Now, we faced the prospect of moving to be near family for support. We would have to learn a new town, find a new church, and rewrite our plans.

Find Your Purpose

Life has a way of sending us into unforeseen tailspins, often in a split second. We think we have a plan in place and are moving in one direction, only to receive unexpected news or run into an obstacle that diverts our journey. When faced with such detours, we can fight against the change or search for God’s purpose in the new path.

  1. Stop and pray. This may seem obvious, but sometimes in the midst of confusion and crisis, prayer gets forgotten. It’s crucial, though, to find your bearings in Christ. Realize your situation may have changed but God has not.
  2. Reach out for godly counsel. As soon as we left our doctor’s office, we called family, our pastor, and church members and asked them to pray for the health of the babies and for wisdom about what to do. We sought prayer warriors who committed to pray with and for us and who gave honest feedback regarding the situation.
  3. Learn to trust in the waiting. During this time of uncertainty, you may not understand God’s plan but you can trust in God’s character. It may be unclear whether this obstacle is God’s way of redirecting you or if it is the enemy’s way of discouraging you, but you can know that God works together all things for good for those who love Him. So while you are waiting for God’s voice and direction, build your trust in Him through Scripture reading and memorization.
  4. Be willing to share with others about your journey. I began a blog to share our story and encourage others who also were facing daunting challenges and unexpected obstacles. God has brought you to and through situations so that you can help others who are on the same path.
  5. Find purpose in your present situation. I was tempted to lament the people and activities we were missing in Virginia, but this nearly cost me the opportunity to find our purpose in Florida. Know there can be peace, joy, and even purpose in whatever season you are experiencing. Above all else, know God and other Christ followers are walking with you on this journey.

Brittany Conner writes from Florida, where she ministers to other moms of multiples and moms facing discouragement.


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