Sacred Space: Margin in Motherhood

mom and daughter playing

When I was in my early 20s, I stayed busy all the time. If I had downtime, then I felt lazy. Each hour of each day was planned and filled accordingly.

The main issue with this is that each hour of each day filled to the brim leaves little room for interruptions. When we are in relationships with people, interruptions happen. When we have children, more and more and more interruptions occur.

After living in a South Asian culture where relationships take priority over everything and then having 2 babies, I have learned that not every hour of every day needs to be planned in such a way that I cannot allow for interruptions.

It’s in these interruptions that I have found some of the deepest relationships, the most treasured memories with my children, and gospel-centered conversations simply because I was able to add a little margin in my schedule and life to welcome a disruption.

Now, I can see you mommas out there: you with your toddler, your newborn, your young children (or older children) begging for your attention and time. Children need schedules and thrive on planned activity; yet our life does not have to be so busy that we cannot allow them the simple act of taking their time, explaining to them the stories of Scriptures repeatedly, and choosing to invest in them when our culture says to stay busy.

Adding margin in motherhood can mean saying no to some of the good things to make time for some of the best things. If we are to train our children in the way they should go, then we will have to slow down our schedule, allow for the teachable moments, and provide a calmness in our own spirit to seek the Lord and then to teach out of the overflow of our heart.

If we do not have time for others (especially our children), how well do we take time to be in communion with God? I am at my best mothering when I have taken time to be in the Word and in prayer, allowing the Holy Spirit to fill my mind and heart with Himself.

Our time may be limited throughout this motherhood season, but that should mean we are quick to choose the sacred things over the secular things, creating margin for being with God and in relationship with others.

Courtney Simpson is “momma” to 2 girls (a 2-year-old and a newborn). She’s a pastor’s wife and an advocate for all believers to be on mission.

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