Serving Christ inside the Picket Fence

young woman sitting in front of a fence

Angela came home from church feeling awkward again. During announcements, a need was expressed for a new ministry that she would love to do. But it just doesn’t fit with her current life stage of mothering 3 young children. Angela wants to serve the Lord and connect with people, but she feels so bound to the house. Sometimes she wonders if there’s anything she can do.

Maybe you’re a woman like Angela. Remember God is good at taking the situation we’re in and using us right where we are. If you tend to be home a lot, then start considering home your missions field.

Pray about these ideas:

Feed on the Word and Minister with Food

Think about hosting a women’s Bible study or prayer group. Even if it’s a small gathering, realize you are meeting a spiritual need of others who have the same schedule as you.

What ministries in your church or community need food donations? Youth group? Soup kitchen? Also pay attention to those who are hurting and might be blessed by the gift of a home-cooked meal. If a need is long term, organize meals to be brought in by others.

Love Your Neighbors

Ask a widow if she needs a ride to church. Build a relationship with a single mother. Begin visiting a woman fighting cancer and engage in conversations that lead to sharing Christ.

Host a children’s playgroup so you can meet others who may be lonely or lost or in need of a church home.

Create a Safe Haven for Children

If you know children who are home alone for long periods, then let them know you are available for emergencies and your home is always open. Offer to check in each day to make sure they got home from school all right.

Open your home to teenagers for youth group Bible study, prayer groups, or special parties.

If you live near a college campus, then consider housing and feeding students who live too far away to go home on holidays. Be that “home away from home” their parents would be comforted by.

Never feel as if there’s nothing you can do because you are confined to your home. God put you there for good reason, and your life is useable right where you are.

Sheila Gosney lives in Monroe City, Missouri. Her passion is for people to see God’s glory in the daily lives of believers as God draws people to Himself.



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