Show Grace to the Lost

woman in front of a world map holding a For God So Loved the World sign

My body was boiling with anger. How could she behave like that? I was not the one at fault here! I wanted validation for giving full vent to my anger. My frustration with this stranger further escalated the culture shock I was experiencing. The last thing I wanted was to extend grace when she had wronged me. Finally, the Holy Spirit reminded me grace was the reason I was overseas in the first place.

I live in a country where the vast majority of people are lost. They are without the good news of the gospel, which some of them outright reject. Unless they accept God’s grace by faith in Jesus, they will spend eternity apart from Him. You, too, are in a place where you come in contact with the lost regularly. No matter what corner of the world you live in, the Bible calls believers to be people who extend grace. What does that look like for us as Christ followers today?

Remember the Gospel

I found a dictionary’s definition of the word “extend” especially intriguing. In one definition, “extend” means “to stretch out, to draw out to the full length.” Being reminded of how Christ drew out the full length of His grace upon me when He died on the cross, I’m more eager to tell this message to those who have yet to hear and receive it. We share God’s love and forgiveness with the world because we have been radically changed by it. It doesn’t mean we become doormats to be walked on but rather vessels ushering in grace to a world in need of forgiveness.

See the Seriousness of Sin

The Apostle Paul would have been considered flawless, according to the Jewish laws. Once he encountered the gospel message, he saw just how bad his sin and self-righteousness were before a holy God. Paul went so far as to consider himself the worst of sinners, foremost in need of forgiveness. When he saw just how grave his sin was, he began to see the power and magnitude of God’s grace. We, too, are invited to see both the seriousness of sin and the greatness of grace. Allow that truth to guide you as you show forgiveness.

Stand in Grace

In Romans, Paul reminded his readers they were standing in grace because of what Christ had done. Standing signifies our position as established in Christ. Because of this, we can rejoice in our forgiveness and rejoice when others receive forgiveness.

Remember these truths as you are on mission with God. Let them guide how you love and forgive the lost.

Ena Redding* lives in the Middle East. She is a daily recipient of God’s grace. Ena blogs at

*Name changed.

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