Turn Your Child’s Extracurricular Activities into Missions Opportunities

happy child with multiple extracurricular activities

Dinner was difficult last year. We were at the soccer field 4 nights during the week and on Saturdays for games. My 2 boys practiced on opposite nights, so every night was a rush to finish homework, eat dinner, and get to the field. This year is easier because they practice on the same nights, but it is still challenging. We still spend many hours at the soccer complex.

My friend Amanda has been experiencing the same challenges. Her son plays soccer and her older daughter is in the high school marching band. Oftentimes, their schedules conflict, and it can be difficult for her and her husband to maneuver all the practices, games, and performances with work and other responsibilities.

Moms everywhere have the same time restraints. You want your children to participate in worthwhile activities, but making it all work can be hard and time consuming. When does it get to be too much? Are all the extracurricular activities taking your family away from church and serving God?

Your Missions Field

Perhaps the baseball field or dance studio is just the missions field God has called you to. Begin to view your life through the eyes of God. At what other time do Christian moms have a better opportunity to meet and befriend unbelievers? Commit your activities to the Lord, and let Him use you for His purposes right where you are today.

Our pastor and his wife have taught us this lesson by example. Both of their sons play baseball, and they have gotten to know numerous people in the community through it. Many of the people they have met at the baseball field have visited our church, joined our church, or been served by our church. One of the families in the small group I lead is one I first met at the soccer field.

Your Game Plan

  1. Get to know the other parents. Introduce yourself to the new player’s family. Spend time talking with the other parents rather than looking at your smartphone or watching practice from your car. When you get to know the other families better, invite them out for dinner after a game or to attend a church event together.
  2. Volunteer to be the “team mom.” This position gives you the opportunity to serve team members and their families. If you can’t be team mom, then volunteer to help out with after-event snacks and party planning. Show that you are willing to help out when needed.
  3. Pray for the team. Get a team roster and spend time praying for each player or participant and his or her family. Pray God’s blessings upon them.
  4. Enjoy the opportunities God has given you today. Put Him first in all things, and turn your family’s place of play into a place of ministry!

Laci Post is a writer, a group fitness instructor, and the mother of 2 soccer players from Dallas, Georgia.


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