What I Learned before Turning 30: Investing in Others

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I turned 30 this month. When I turned 29, I searched for one of those “30 Things to Do before Turning 30” lists. However, my search left me uninspired; therefore, I decided to write my own “30 Things I Learned before Turning 30” list. One of the main concepts that came from this was that of investing in other people. The following are a few excerpts from my list:

  • Love those who are different from me. They may have a different personality from you, but that means they can balance you. It doesn’t mean they have to harm you. Learn to see the good in them. It takes time to let go of your differences. Some of these people may be refugees; internationals; people from different ethnic backgrounds, religious backgrounds, socioeconomic backgrounds, or cultural backgrounds; or people who have a completely opposite personality type. I believe we can see a glimpse of our Creator through His creation. God created the world, with its diversity, and we can learn from one another and possibly discover something about ourselves and God from one another.
  • Invest in something. And I’m not referring to money. Invest in people. Let them invest in you. Share the gospel with people. Invest in your marriage. Invest in your kids. Invest in your parents. Invest in your community. Invest in the youth or children at your church. Invest your time and abilities. Invest in friendships that build you up. Commit yourself to these people.
  • Join a church and learn to love Christ’s church. People will let you down. They will frustrate you, but there is much more benefit to unification than division. We need to be a church of unity. Invest in the local church wherever you are. Pour into the lives of those in your church community.
  • Acquire a mentor (or quite a few actually) and mentor others. I have met some of the most fascinating, inspiring, brilliant, beautiful, and encouraging women along my journey. Their imprints are all over my life and ministry. They have spoken words of life back into me at my darkest hours, have stood with me through successes or failures, and have supported me through all of life—no matter what. Living life with people, sharing the Word with them—it’s what we were meant to do.

I have found the best things in life take the most commitment, the deepest sacrifice, the ongoing forgiveness and acceptance of grace, and sometimes patience and humility. Investing in others is a privilege we are given. It won’t be easy, but the depth of relationship and the fruit born of investment are worth it.

Courtney Simpson is “momma” to 2 girls (a 2-year-old and a newborn). She’s a pastor’s wife and an advocate for all believers to be on mission.

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