Better than Nothing

Sometimes in college it’s easy to have the “better than nothing” attitude. It’s a familiar story: You have weeks and weeks to work on a paper but somehow it only gets started 10 hours before the actual due date. Is it the best paper? Nope. But hey, it’s better than nothing.

If I’m being honest, this “better than nothing” attitude has bled over into my relationship with Christ. It’s affected my time with Him and trying to live on mission.

A quick devotion on my phone right before I doze off to sleep at night has become routine because it’s better than not doing a quiet time. Smiling at those people the Spirit tugs on my heart for has become a replacement for actually talking to them because it’s better than just ignoring them. Promising to pray for people that don’t know Jesus has taken the place of actually sharing the gospel because it’s better than nothing.

When did I become so OK with choosing between better and nothing? And when did I begin to believe that those were my only two options?

Through the grace of Jesus, we don’t have to choose between better and nothing. Through Jesus, we can choose the best.

God didn’t save us in a way that was better than nothing. He chose the best. Out of perfect love, He chose His only Son. Jesus’ death was the ultimate and perfect sacrifice, an outpouring of his unending love, justice, and grace, all at the same time.

Choosing the best is seeking the Lord’s will, not my own. Now that you know and are known by Jesus, how can you choose anything less that the world offers (Gal. 4:9)? As you start your day, choose Jesus. Don’t settle for better than nothing.


Emily Killen is a recent grad and current graduate student of Samford University who loves exploring and tasting all that Birmingham has to offer.





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