Big Potential from a Simple Invitation

If you’ve grown up in a family that regularly attended church, that’s amazing. It’s also not the norm for many children across America.

I live in the Bible Belt of the South, where it’s easy to assume that everyone goes to church and knows about Jesus. However, this is so not true!

I have been babysitting for a sweet family for about a year. The more I babysat, the more I realized that I didn’t see any biblical-based items around the house—no children’s books with Bible stories, no cross decorations, and no Noah’s ark toy sets.

However, one day in December, I noticed a candy cane with a piece of paper tied to it. The paper explained how the candy cane represented the shepherd’s staff from the Christmas story, and it also looked like the letter “J” for Jesus.

“Where did you get this?” I asked one of the children.

“From the after school Bible club,” he replied. “I go once a week.”

Wow! I thought. Thank the Lord for after school Bible clubs! For some children, special events like that may be their only opportunity to learn about Jesus.

As summer approaches with Vacation Bible School, don’t underestimate the impact of inviting school-aged children. Ask your neighbor, cousin, or co-worker’s child to attend your church’s VBS. You never know if this could be his or her first time to hear the gospel!


Rachel Sinclair is a student at Samford University and loves to share people’s stories. Contact her at









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