Last month I broached the topic of my calling. This is one of those topics that remains popular in the Christian world.

But what happens when you have no clue what your “calling” is? As I mentioned last month, we as Christians are all called to share the love of God with all people, but what about you specifically? How will that calling take shape in your life, especially as a mom?

I was recently at our Arkansas WMU Annual Meeting and heard a missionary say, “God gave you the talents and hobbies that you have so that He could use them to share His love.” That’s something I think I sort of knew in the back of my mind but never really took to heart. Are you a baker? Do you absolutely love fitness? What about reading? How can you use those fun things about yourself to glorify God? (Can somebody say book club?!)

One thing we know about Jesus is that whatever He was doing, He knew what His calling, or mission, was. He even told His own mother as a preteen, “I must be about my Father’s business.” (That’s not exactly what I was telling my parents at that age, but He has always been pretty special.) He didn’t make a move without God’s guidance.

For you and I, we have the Holy Spirit actively working in our lives, convicting us and guiding us toward God’s will. That’s pretty easy to say, but sometimes it’s ridiculously hard to know the difference in God’s movement and my own personal desire. What I can tell you is that discerning your “mission” is very personal, and when you feel God calling you to something, you will know.

Maybe you’ve been feeling called to something different or to go to someone specific and share your story of God’s love with him or her. Or maybe you’ve been struggling immensely trying to figure out what exactly your calling is. Either way, sweet friends, keep going. Keep seeking. Share His love in your own incredible way, and He will be faithful to show you your next steps. You’re not alone.


Allison Turner is the mother to three babies in three different places—in heaven, in her home, and in the womb! A ramen connoisseur who believes music can reach even the darkest soul, Allison is loving serving the community of Blytheville with her husband, Travis.


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