Can You Hear Me?

Congratulations! If you are reading this then you have successfully found a moment to break away for some time for you. I know how precious and fleeting this time can be so please know these blogs that I write and share will honor what time you have. So let’s not waste any time…

Have you ever felt so distracted in your own environment that you can’t hear God? The sounds of little people’s voices arguing, chairs scooting across the kitchen floor, doors opening and closing, questions being asked, the clinking and clanging of snaps and buttons hitting the side walls of the dryer, dogs barking, a baby crying? It can be very challenging to find a place of peace, of quiet, and be able to focus, to talk to the only source to replenish our weary selves, God.

I am so thankful that He is always available. I don’t have to worry about Him getting tired and worn out like me. Through His Son, Jesus, He offers life and living water. It is to Him and in His Word that I must make time to read, pray, and listen. Then I will be able to continue pouring into my little ones whom God has entrusted me with, to my husband, neighbors, and community and be able to serve as God calls me to.

So how do you minimize distractions? First of all ask God to show you areas in your day that you can choose to give to Him. Then be honest with your little ones and big ones in the house that Mom is taking time to read her Bible, work on her Bible study, pray, talk to God, or whatever your goal for this time is. In order for our children to see the importance of time with God, they need to see Mom making time as well.

I pray that our spiritual ears will be more in tune to hear God’s voice than to be distracted by the earthly sounds that can overwhelm and drown Him out.

May Your Day Be Blessed!

Jenn is a wife and mother of two boys and one girl, she enjoys putting puzzles together with her kiddos, watching reruns of Friends with her hubby, and trying new recipes. She has a passion for encouraging women to live on mission. She also writes of the adventures with her “people” (children), at

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