On Campus Yet in the World: 5 Missions Opportunities for College Students in 2018

Happy New Year! It’s officially 2018. As you begin to think about all that’s in store this year, is God nudging you to become more involved in sharing His story with others locally, nationally, and globally? With another semester upon you, it may be difficult to see beyond the next couple of weeks. But God can use this season of your life to spread the good news among those who desperately need to hear it. Whether you have a weekend, an entire semester, or a long-term opportunity on your heart, check out these ways to use your time as a student to further the kingdom of God:

Weeklong/Weekend Missions Trips

Ask God to show you opportunities to share His love with others. Learn about the needs of people around you and how missions trips could be a tool for you to meet those needs, beginning with a week or a weekend. Plant seeds of the gospel in the hearts of those you serve by explaining why you care and want to help. Look for opportunities to expand your conversations and share about the hope Jesus offers.

You may be surprised by the number of opportunities to get involved in others’ lives. For example, over Memorial Day weekend, you can meet the needs of refugees in Greensboro, North Carolina, alongside other young women with a passion for making His name known among the nations. Be the hands and feet of Christ as you interact with and serve those driven from their homes by war, famine, and other horrific events. Register as you are or pull a group of friends together as you put feet to your faith. For more information and opportunities, go to wmu.com/trips.

College Breaks in the City

All over the country, people are flocking to bigger cities for education, jobs, and opportunities to pursue success. But so many of those chasing the American Dream don’t know about the love, hope, and new life Jesus offers. Pray for these people, and ask God to show you ways you can point them to Christ.

Consider using your school’s hiatus to push back lostness in major cities in the United States by connecting with the North American Mission Board through GenSend. Walk alongside victims of disasters and help with relief efforts on your holiday breaks. Or team up with church planters for a summer to make an eternal difference in urban neighborhoods across the country.


Looking for a way to combine your major with missions? An internship may help you see how to connect your future career with your missions field. Pray for God’s guidance as you learn more about your chosen field and the people with whom you may come into contact. Ask Him to open your eyes to the ways you could bring Him glory through those relationships.

Check out the many ways your gifts and talents can be used to encourage believers in their missions endeavors through WMU’s internship opportunities in Birmingham, Alabama. Explore the ways leaders introduce children to missions, learn the ins and outs of the editorial process as you share missional articles, or make an impact in artisans’ lives across the world by learning fair-trade business practices, all while earning course credit and building on leadership principles.

A Year Abroad or Short-Term Trip

Are you studying abroad this year? Learn about the people groups in your host country. What do you have in common with them? How are you different? Strike up conversations with locals and ask about their interests and beliefs. Pray for opportunities to spread the gospel as you learn about a different culture.

Is God calling you abroad to share His love with others? Find out where teams are heading this year to reach the nations for Christ through the short-term trips that the International Mission Board (IMB) offers for students just like you.

Career Possibilities

Maybe 2018 is the year you receive that diploma. It may also be a year filled with applications, decisions, and new opportunities. Pray for wisdom and direction as you prepare to enter the workforce. Ask the Lord to guide you to a position where you can influence others for Christ. Check out helpful workplace evangelism concepts in this article from IMB.

As you venture out into the job market, think outside the box—or rather, outside the country. Learn more about IMB’s Global Cities Initiative to discover how you can use your career abroad as a platform to make His name known. More than half the world’s population lives in urban cities around the globe, giving way for believers to impact the lives of the unreached by sharing the gospel in these cities.


God can use you, especially as a college student, to reach the unreached and tell His story to those who have never heard. Where will He lead you in 2018?

Cara Brown learned to combine her journalism degree and passion for missions as an editorial intern at WMU, where she now serves as a copy editor.






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