The Eyes to See

The hearts of missionaries in full passion is a beautiful thing to behold. In my time in the Middle East, I had the opportunity to encounter the beauty of God’s children loving the nations, their neighbors, and embracing God’s vision for the world.

When I first met Frank* and LeeAnn*, they greeted me with flowers, balloons, hugs, and smiles at the airport. Stepping off the plane to my new home, I had no idea what to expect. When I walked around the corner to this couple holding my name on a handwritten sign, I knew they were my new home.

Frank and LeeAnn were one of the most humble and selfless couples I had ever met, and they loved their Middle Eastern people group. Everywhere they went in the city, they saw people. Any store they entered into. Any person they encountered on the street. Any waiter who took their order was someone for them to love and share Jesus with.

One of the things I loved about LeeAnn was her joyful countenance, hugs, and the way you always felt heard and seen when you spoke to her. Their 30 years overseas were certainly filled with heartache and challenge, but they rose each day, trusting in the Lord Who called them and were ready to embrace what each day had in store.

They made a point to make friends around the city, inviting people into their home, where LeeAnn would make delicious snacks and serve coffee or tea. They would meet people groups who were looked down on and sit and listen to their stories. Oftentimes they arrived late to other commitments because they met someone in need and assisted him or her.

They knew their life was not their own and their mission was to serve God’s people no matter where they lived.

I hope to live life the way this couple does, embracing strangers into my community and loving them with a fierce love of Jesus.

Frank and LeeAnn continue to live out this love in world-changing ways today.

*Names changed.


Abi Khavari traveled the world, writing for a non-profit agency in the Middle East. She now lives in Colorado, got married recently, and is starting her masters degree in counseling this spring.





**Photo credit: Filipe Frazao /  





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