Good . . . Better . . . Best . . .

We all need new starts from time to time. For me though, I’m trusting for God’s good, God’s better, God’s best.

In other words, I’m done planning my own life.

My plans are always less than His plans. His plans are beyond my imagination.

My plans are based on what I know now. God knows the future.

My plans are really my own desires. God’s desires are pure and all encompassing.

My plans might be for my good. God’s plans are for the good of all people.

My plans are just for now. God’s plans are eternal.

I’m limited. God is limitless. His good, His better, His best.

So how will I know?

God will always show up in my time with Him in the Word. He will lead me through prayer. And He will speak to me through the counsel of godly family and friends. He will orchestrate events, open doors and close them, and allow sickness and health. He will continue to change me into His likeness. As I continue to turn to Him in every area of my life, I can trust that He is in control, do the next thing, and just live free.

The amazing thing is that as He is changing me, He is using me to change the world. If I were to try to control all of this, I would be trusting myself. Even on my good days, I’m not anywhere close to being enough. So, we trust God. We continue to soak in all the ways God’s love surrounds us. We stay open to reach out—every day. And we do it together.

As a leader, you may be wondering how to do this with your group. The key is doing it yourself first. Why teach someone else to have a quiet time with God when we aren’t having one? On the other hand, if we just do it, we can share what God is doing naturally. Making disciples sometimes is just living life with God and inviting others to walk with you, sharing what God is doing in you, right now. This kind of life is contagious. I know it was for me when I saw others living this life. I wanted to know God like they did. I wanted to be on mission like they were on mission. We are all different but life with Jesus is there for anyone who calls on His name. We trust. We follow. We obey.

Sure there are practical realities, wisdom verses to apply, conflicts to reconcile, current events to respond to—but the truth is that really, we aren’t in control anyway. God is all-knowing, all-powerful, all-present, all-loving. This kind of God I can trust.

Many ask about the suffering in the world. I sometimes think I could write a book about my own suffering. It isn’t that we as humans don’t suffer. We do. It is what we do with the suffering that matters. Will we hold on to it? Or worse, let it hold on to us, cling to us, and define us? It is a miracle every time, but God does heal. All suffering has an ending. And we are all in the process of being healed—emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Suffering was never God’s plan. He knew the consequences of sin and brokenness. We would hurt and be hurt. And He would heal.

Evil is real. God limits evil and He heals. He calls us to do the same. Spiritual warfare is real. He gives us the armor and His presence, His strength. We overcome evil with good and after everything we stand, trusting that God’s good, better, and best are in process. He will win. Heaven is coming. We will be whole. Between now and then, we trust. And listen. And obey. And wait. And serve. And live free. Together.



Laura Harper is ministry consultant at WMU. She loves her family, coffee, chocolate, and all things missions.



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