If the Shoe Fits

Have you ever considered using shoes to help your friends discover their niche in missions by finding “what fits” their interests, lifestyles, and abilities?

God intends for each of us to find a place of service. Plan a gathering that focuses on learning about local missions opportunities as well as overseas missions efforts.

Step-by-Step To-Do List for an “If the Shoe Fits” Affair

• Publicize your event; ask women to wear a pair of shoes that best match their personality.

• Decide on a take-home gift or door prize that’s shoe related.

• Set up displays featuring local ministries or outreach events and create a display of shoes to match each. (Example: Display white tennis shoes for a healthcare ministry, children’s shoes for ministry to schools, or boots for a disaster relief ministry.)

• If your church has a missions trip planned, create a display with a map and a list of items the team will need.

• Preselect three women to briefly share about their involvement in various local ministries or missions efforts.


As the event begins say: Knowing your abilities is one step toward becoming personally involved in missions in your area.


Checklist for Applying Your Abilities

☐ Create a list of skills or activities you can do well.

☐ Identify local ministries and missions efforts that interest you.

☐ Talk to people about how you can use your specific skills.

☐ Research more information about local ministries and missions efforts.

☐ Use your skills and abilities on a missions trip or discover the needs of a missions team and how you can use your skills and abilities to contribute.


Remember, your purpose is to help women find specific missions opportunities to be involved in, but consider these extra ideas to incorporate into the If the Shoe Fits event.

1. Host a shoe exchange. Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that felt fine in the store only to get them home and they kill your feet? There they are, just sitting in your closet. If your friends are open to exchanging “gently used” shoes, then have at it!

2. Find discount coupons at a shoe store or present a gift certificate from one as a door prize.

3. If you choose not to interview women engaged in ministry, enlist someone to present a devotion based on Isaiah 52:7: “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news.”

4. Purchase flip-flops at a dollar store for each woman, and allow time for her to decorate them as a take-home gift. Search Pinterest for decoration ideas.


Women can learn about local missions efforts in a variety of ways, so consider this fun, creative way to introduce them to local efforts and plant the seeds of personal involvement.


Linda Clark lives and writes from southern Indiana.

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