A Lack of Skill

I have a really bad habit of doing a quick self-assessment of my skills whenever the Lord gives me an opportunity to share the gospel.

For example, I see someone sitting alone in the cafeteria and the Spirit starts tugging. I immediately think, “Great! I’m really good at starting conversations and I can tell funny stories. This will be easy.” Or someone will tell me a struggle they’re going through and I get excited because of all my “knowledge” on the subject.

I became aware of this bad habit one day while working at a summer camp. My camp director asked me if I would spend my free time in the gym. Normally I spent my free time close to the snack canteen, bonding with middle school girls over card games and frozen soft drinks, and I wasn’t too excited to try something new.

Especially when that something new was the gym.

I’m 5’1, and my basketball days ended in about middle school. I had absolutely no skills in order to be effective in this area. But even so, I made my way to the gym and prayed that the Lord would use my time in the gym.

When I got there, I had no physical skills to rely on in order to share the gospel. But God in His grace quickly showed me I’ve never needed to rely on them anyway. In the midst of all the loud and sweaty boys, there was a little girl looking for someone to shoot basketball with her. We played and laughed for hours and began to talk about the Lord together.

I was probably the worst opponent that girl had ever played, but trying something new created an opportunity to share the gospel. Don’t limit yourself to your own skills when the Lord calls you to try something new.


Emily Killen is a recent grad and current graduate student of Samford University who loves exploring and tasting all that Birmingham has to offer.





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