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June is an amazing month. So many celebrations occur—the end of a school year, graduations, weddings, and more. Then, there is the beginning of summer with new plans, opportunities, and routines. June is kind of in between. There is the finishing of one thing, perhaps a deep breath, and the starting to prepare for what’s next. What’s June like for you? What’s next? What has God planned for you this summer?

Many may have the opportunity to try something new, perhaps to find a change of scenery. It helps us to expand our borders, get outside of our own box, meet new people, and experience something new. Many prefer to learn in this active way—by experience.

Missions can be learned by firsthand experience. Prayer, Bible study, research, asking others, detailed planning, and carrying out those plans—all by God’s grace and in His strength alone—work together to bring about this thing we call “missions.” And while doing God’s work in the world, we, too, are changed. We become new in some way. We carry this experience with us throughout the years and God continues to use it to teach us and mold us. It becomes part of our story as we share Christ with others. We are never the same. What might God have planned for us this summer, if we can just see things a little bit differently?

What is something different, something new, that we could pray about doing this summer?

  • Spend time at a local library, coffee shop, or park while praying for those you see.
  • Build a new friendship with someone in a new part of town.
  • Choose a new hobby and enroll in a class to build new relationships.
  • Start learning a new language.
  • Volunteer for a new ministry in your church or community.
  • Sign up for a mission trip or create your own.
  • Invite your family and friends to come along.

There is something for everyone!

Missions can be learned by experiencing it firsthand. It will be a blessing for all involved. It is usually fun. And it always changes the world and changes us at the same time. Let’s decide today to trust God for something new!

Laura Harper is ministry consultant for adult audiences at WMU. Contact her at lharper@wmu.org.

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