A Time for Courage

The fall season is setting in with brilliant colors and crisp air. We all have different seasons of life. Our world is in a season of challenge. Some challenges are serious. In times like these, where do we find the courage we need?

We know our God is greater than our challenges. He is not caught off guard by what is in the news or even in our family or community. He is our great Healer, Comforter, and Guide. And He has plans. Psalm 139; John 14–17; Ephesians 2–3; and Revelation 7 show us God’s plans are greater than our own. His mercy, power, and beauty combine to amaze us daily. Nothing is too difficult for Him!

Maybe we can accept it with our heads, but what about our hearts? How do we feel? Can we trust Him? And if so, does it give us courage? Sometimes we need courage to face another day. Sometimes we need courage to face a serious challenge. Sometimes we need courage to face God’s mission for us. In these days, we are praying for courage because we need it. It is His character to work through the challenges. We can trust Him even in the midst of our fear.

Someone asked recently, “If I am afraid to go on mission, does that mean it isn’t God’s will?” It depends. Some fear is normal. If God has shown His will and we fear failure or rejection or even suffering, these are normal feelings that we bring to God’s Word in full faith. It is a time for courage.

One of my favorite verses is Acts 4:13: “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.”

Being with Jesus produces courage on mission—a courageous testimony in the face of serious challenge. It is shocking and the world will notice. Let’s be courageous, not because we are able, not because we are strong, but because we are His and He is able. If we need more courage, let’s spend more time with Jesus. Then we can rise up and share Christ, act in His name, serve with compassion, and not give up.

He will lead, and we will be OK, in His time.

Laura Harper is ministry consultant to adult audiences at WMU. She loves her family, coffee, chocolate, and all things missions.

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