Let Go and Let God

Recently, we learned we needed to take our 15-month-old son to an ear specialist. He’s had nonstop double ear infections for the past several months, and after multiple rounds of antibiotics, it’s time to think about next steps in his treatment. Some of our options include placing tubes in his ears or removing certain parts of his ears, nose, and throat in order to prevent infection. Though the process is painful and unpleasant, it will be a necessary procedure to protect his body from a hostile takeover from toxic organisms.

My son’s medical situation reminds me of a time in my life when I had to perform a different type of surgery to escape a hostile environment. I had a mentor in my life who had great spiritual authority over me. She was a spiritual parent to me for many years, and I had been a spiritual orphan before I knew her. However, I began to realize I had developed an idol through my relationship with her. The relationship between us grew toxic over a period of time. Her critical spirit began to drain the joy from my life, and I lived under a weight of anxiety and fear out of concern for pleasing her over pleasing God. I didn’t want to remove her from my life; I valued her. But God revealed to me that this relationship was drawing me farther from Him rather closer to Him.

It’s hard to imagine, but sometimes our relationships, good relationships not based on sin or a desire for disobedience, can become a stumbling block in our walk with Christ. Though they may be good, these relationships may not be God’s best for us. I’m reminded of David when he wanted to build a temple for the Lord. Though his desire was good, it was not God’s plan for him to build the temple, but rather it would be his son, Solomon.

David’s submission to God is an important lesson for us as we discern God’s plan for healthy relationships. Like David, we should have submissive hearts that desire to pursue God’s purposes and His plan. We can’t achieve this kind of submission on our own, though. We need a new heart that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ, who was the picture of perfect submission as he went to the cross to bear the wrath of sin. Through Christ, we can submit our lives to his leadership, and we can let go of things and people who hold us back from letting God achieve his purposes in us.


Rachel Forrest is a 30-something working mom of two. Though she’s an event planner and office manager by day, she’s truly a logophile. She loves words and creating with them. When she’s not chasing her toddlers, you can find her nose stuck in a book. She also writes about the “coffee stains and growing pains” of motherhood at www.rachelforrest.me.




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