Light Makes a Difference

Light is beautiful. And fascinating. Light makes a difference. It changes darkness instantly. There is so much darkness in our world. What would it take for God’s light to shine in new ways this Christmas season?

I watched a documentary recently on the Star of Bethlehem. It is amazing all God did to point to the Christ child, to celebrate this awesome gift. A light, pointing the way.

I wonder, how can we point others to Christ during this special time of year? How can we be light to others? Would there be a simple, humble corner of the earth where we could be that light, even to those as meek as shepherds? And would God use it to call even people as important as Magi from the East, to Himself?

What stands out to me in the Christmas story anew, is the raw, trusting, heartfelt, worshipful obedience that both Mary and Joseph lived out. I love the community Mary experienced with Elizabeth. I love that the angels both discussed and proclaimed. I love the earthy place Christ chose to take his first infant breath. I love that shepherds, innkeepers, Magi, and even a king were allowed an invitation to the story. I love the drama of an escape and return. But what I love most is what God did.

God the Son—Jesus—left heaven, self-limited Himself for a time to fit in our skin; to feel our pain; to know misunderstanding, rejection and abandonment; to show us how to live; to demonstrate love in deep ways; to show His power through miracles; to die on a cross; to overcome death through His resurrection; and to ascend again to heaven, shedding any earthly weakness to be High King and High Priest. Yet He did this with great compassion for all people.

Today He lives on high. He hears our prayers. And through His Spirit, He lives in us. He empowers us to live the kind of life that brings glory to God, and helps others come to know Him.

We get to share His story and invite others to join in.

It is simple, yet profound. And we are not alone. It is not up to us to figure out. God is still orchestrating events, still shining light. Christ is still reaching out in humble simplicity and kingly wisdom, in both earthy corners and royal palaces. His love can shine anywhere.

Let’s trust God for opportunities to shine in new ways this season, in simple and wise ways, giving glory to God, leaving the results to Him. Be the light in darkness. May we all have a worshipful, light-filled, obedient, blessed, and very merry Christmas, with friends and family in our community and around the world.

Laura Harper is ministry consultant at WMU. She loves her family, coffee, chocolate, and all things missions.




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