Love, Laughter, and Lemonade

Invite your friends and their friends to join you for an evening full of laughter and fun. Summer is a perfect time to enjoy our friendships with other women and to build new relationships.

Who? This event is for all women! Focus on inviting nonbelievers and/or unchurched to this casual, nonthreatening get-together.

What? An evening brimming with humorous skits, stand-up comedy, riotous punch lines, and smiles all around.

When? Promote the event through social media as well as other means.

Why? Laughter is beneficial to our health. It can improve our attitudes and relieve stress. Summer offers opportunities for casual interaction and an event filled with humor may attract your unchurched friends.

Where? If your church has an outdoor pavilion, that will be great for an event of this type. A park or someone’s backyard will work also. Be sure you have a good sound system so everyone can hear.

How Do We Get the Laughter Part?

Think about things that will provide laughter:

• Have an open mic and invite women to tell the funniest things that have ever happened to them. Use a buzzer for a 3-minute warning.

• Get someone outside the group to present a humorous skit, involving the audience.

• Ask a Christian comedian to make her presentation. Or, show a Christian comedian’s short video.

• Search YouTube for humorous trailers, funny home videos, etc. Preview ahead of time!


Now that you have set a date, enlisted comedians, chosen a place for the event, what about food? Keep it simple. Consider serving sugar cookies, cupcakes, and lemonade.

Pinterest is a great source for fresh decorating ideas for any event. Match the décor with your event and its locale.

Love, Laughter, and Lemonade can become a hit this summer! It’s a good time to be with other women in a relaxed setting. With released tension, improved attitudes, and brighter outlooks, women are more apt to demonstrate love to others and share their interests and needs. Help your friends and their friends provide a one-evening oasis so God’s love can shine through and touch their hearts and lives.



Linda Clark lives in southern Indiana and loves WMU’s MissionsPinterest page!

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