Mission: Involvement

Get involved.

This was my mission going into my freshman year. I can remember everyone telling me the college experience is what you make it, so I was determined to give it everything I had by getting involved in anything I could. I just knew that “involvement” was the key to having a successful college career.

So when the very first week of college arrived, I hit the ground running with my mission. I registered for a full load of classes, signed up for student government, pledged a sorority, joined a small group, volunteered, and planned on attending multiple campus ministry services throughout the week. My schedule was packed, and I was pumped for the amazing college life I was about to experience through all of my involvement. Mission accomplished.

Or so I thought.

Although my schedule left very little time to be alone, I felt incredibly lonely. The positions I held were draining and I wasn’t passionate about any of them. Despite the multiple Bible studies and worship services throughout the week, I felt spiritually parched and useless to God. Somehow, my mission failed.

The pressure I felt for an amazing college experience was driven by insecurity. My mission was rooted in an identity that felt affirmation from being included and sought purpose from simply being “involved.” Rather than let my mission in college be fueled by my identity in Christ, I let myself be driven by my own fears.

When Jesus was on earth, He knew His identity as the Son of God and He never lost sight of His mission. In my identity as a daughter of Christ, I can be driven by the hope and joy that comes from knowing Jesus and trusting in the goodness of His grace. Becoming aware of this has shown me that my mission in college is not to get involved in everything but rather to involve Jesus in every part of my life to make Him known.


Emily Killen is a recent grad and current graduate student of Samford University who loves exploring and tasting all that Birmingham has to offer.


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