Missions education has played an important role in my life since I was a young girl. I was a GA, an Acteen, and an Acteens leader.

Missions education is more than having a meeting periodically. It is also more than participating in missions projects. Missions education is a specific facet of discipleship.

In order for me to be most effective in my personal witness, I need the accountability of other people. Learning about what God is doing in remote parts of the world encourages me to look for what He is doing around me. Praying together for missionaries, people groups, and other believers is a powerful way to connect with God’s larger purpose. Giving our time, talents, and resources to support missions efforts in our church, nation, and world enables us to impact the kingdom of God as part of the body of Christ instead of trying to do it on our own.

As a young adult, it is hard for me to find a missions education environment that fits me. Often I don’t feel comfortable in the missions groups of older women.

myMISSION sounds like the perfect fit, but actually maintaining a myMISSION “group” in my church is a challenge. Several of us work together on missions projects during the year, but we never seem to have time to meet together for prayer and accountability.

If missions and discipleship are near the top of our priority list, as they should be, why is it so difficult to make time for those commitments?

I crave the consistent missions-focused discipleship offered by missions education organizations like myMISSION. But I still struggle to find time and energy to engage in a group with other young women.

For now, we will continue to just do our best, even if it doesn’t live up to the standards we would like to maintain. We will follow Jesus wholeheartedly and learn how to live out His call in community with others. And most of all, we will share God’s love and truth with every person we encounter, trusting that Jesus saves.

Amanda-Grace Schultz holds a master’s degree in theology from Campbellsville University and is passionate about missions education and discipleship.


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