New Beginnings

Fall is the time for new beginnings—school, football, and a new church year. What are you dreaming up new for your myMISSION group this year? What worked well and made you determine it was a keeper?

Did you use Missions Mosaic and myMISSION Leader with your group? Faith, community, and missions continue to make up the core of myMISSION, and meeting plans are centered in those areas.

This year some tweaks have been made to the meeting plans. The meeting plans for faith are built for the Bible study in Missions Mosaic. These plans are interactive, fun, and move us to make life changes. We’ll also consider where we could take this Bible study (women’s shelter, jail, dorm, neighborhood) or what other group could join us for the study.

The missions meeting plans help us learn about the featured missionary in Missions Mosaic. But we are going to do more than just learn; we’re going to try to apply the missionary’s missions project ideas to our own local projects.  

Based on the For the Family article in Missions Mosaic, the community-focused meeting plans contain an event idea that offers us an opportunity to rethink holidays using a spiritual mindset and give them a missional twist. We’ll participate in the event and then take it home to replicate with our children, roommates, or small group like we did last year.

So what will it be: faith, community, or missions? Or will you have a smorgasbord of all three? Hope you’ll begin well.

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