A New Kind of Confidence

Exactly two years ago I joined a new small group—a “missional community.” I was somewhat uneasy jumping into the experience. I had just begun my first semester of graduate school while working a full-time job, and I was tired all the time. However, my boyfriend (my now husband . . . so this story ends well!) invited me to join this like-minded group of college students and young adults. I might not have walked into it with a humble heart, but I certainly ended with a wider, more urgent perspective.

One of the main ideas behind the group was to learn how to share our faith more effectively and hold one another accountable to do so. We met formally once a week, but challenged each other to pray together purposefully and spend at least two hours each week with the lost. While I was not totally new to some of the evangelistic tools or concepts, I was cut open freshly by the passion for the lost in my group’s prayers.

Together, we wept for our friends who had never heard of Jesus. We prayed big things—massive, completely impossible things—and gained a strange kind of peace and confidence that can only be explained by the Holy Spirit. I had never experienced something like that before with people I did not really know. It wasn’t rocket science. We just looked at the Book of Acts and tried to be bold disciples!

Through that experience, I met some of my first real, international friends. I went to places in town I did not even know existed. I ate many dishes I could not pronounce. Fast forward a few months later, well after that group changed and multiplied, and I was sitting in a Bible study with Muslims. Seriously, if you knew me just a few years ago, you would not have imagined me acting so—dare I say—confident!

I suppose all of this proves that even a mustard seed of faith in God is better than a mountain of faith in yourself. Without the power of prayer, I had no confidence or true desire to share my faith. When Christ calls you to do something new, you cannot deny Him. But we shouldn’t fear, because nothing’s new to Him!


Rebekah Bundy has worked as a writer and copy editor and is excited about teaching secondary education. She and her husband are passionate about international missions and discipleship.

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