Pause to Celebrate

Sometimes I miss my childhood days when everything seemed to stop for the summer.

For most working adults, jobs, chores, and responsibilities go on straight through summer with little to no change of pace.


OK, enough dreary thinking! The end of the church year is a time to celebrate! Our lives won’t stop for the summer, but we can pause and reflect on what we have learned this year as individuals and through our myMISSION groups.

This year, I can celebrate getting married and launching a new chapter in my professional life. I’ve grown closer to the Lord and developed a more consistent prayer life than I have had in the past. My husband and I have gotten involved in a new Sunday School class where we discuss deep spiritual truths and minister to each other and our community.

This year a friend and I tried to start a new myMISSION group in our church. It didn’t work out exactly as we had planned. However, we were able to encourage each other as sisters in Christ and participate in some missions projects together. We provided a meal for a local homeless shelter and participated in a ministry that I am especially excited about.

A local facility for adults with intellectual disabilities allowed us to be involved in its annual staff appreciation picnic. We fed and encouraged more than 100 staff members who provide daily hands-on care to the residents. I was able to volunteer at this facility several times this year, helping in arts and crafts classes. Soon I hope we will be able to get involved in providing music during Sunday evening chapel services.

What are you celebrating in your personal and spiritual life as summer approaches? What is your myMISSION group celebrating together?



Amanda-Grace Schultz holds a master’s degree in theology from Campbellsville University and is passionate about missions education and discipleship.







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