Skype ‘Scape

You can meet a missionary! Get some friends to join you and learn about how missionaries do their work in answer to God’s call.

Putting a face on missions is an exciting experience that can help you understand how important your prayer and financial support are. Here are some tips for hosting a successful event featuring missionaries who serve in North America and overseas.


What Makes an Event Successful?

1. Begin early. Enlist someone to help you make arrangements to talk to missionaries via Skype. You’ll need to confirm the date, time, and questions you will be asking. Go to for information about contacting a North American missionary, or to for info about international missionaries.

2. Make technical arrangements. Ensure connections and monitor are available and sound is appropriate. The success of the event hinges on these arrangements!

3. Set the atmosphere. How about an Internet café as a setting? Set up laptops featuring information about the missionary’s country/state for access to those at the event.

4. Plan for food. If you use an Internet café atmosphere, serve tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and fizzy drinks along with pastries. Serve them from a “counter” and ask servers to wear bib aprons. Set the stage!


Making the Most of Your Conversation with a Missionary

Think about what you want to ask the missionary. Remember if the missionary serves in a high security area, he or she may not be able to answer some questions. It’s important to send them your questions before the event.

Enlist someone to make prayer request reminders for everyone. Base them on what the missionary tells you about his or her work. Some international missionaries have photo magnets they can give you to distribute.


What If We Can’t Have a Live Conversation?

Both mission boards have recorded interviews posted online. Check with your church’s mission teams to see if they made a video you can use.

Of course it may be easier to arrange to speak live with a North American missionary! If you choose to interview someone serving on our continent, you might want to sponsor a small project to provide needed supplies for one of their ministries.


Tips for Doing a Missions Project

• Talk to the missionary for project ideas.

• Gather supplies you’ll need for the project. If money is limited, ask women to bring specific items.

• Make a sample if assembly is required.

• Take up an offering to pay for shipping. (Note: If you have this event later in the summer, you can find Christmas in August® missionaries’ names and items they need online at


Meeting missionaries—even long distance—is a great way to personalize missions and increase your understanding of what it means to take up your cross and set aside selfish attitudes.


Linda Clark lives in southern Indiana where she enjoys its fabulous four seasons.

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