So Far, So Good?

How’s your summer so far?

So far, I’ve had a picnic, seen a movie, slept in at least once, and hung out with friends. Thankfully, I love my job so I actually enjoy going to work, but I love getting off work as well to step into nature for at least a bit before dinner.

And then there’s the trip planning. Guess where I went? I was able to share about myMISSION at the WMU Annual Meeting and Missions Celebration in St. Louis, Missouri. What an amazing opportunity! So many things were going on—evangelism and service opportunities in the city, reports from all the missions agencies, connections with friends both new and old, fun food to try, and different sessions to hear more about missions. We prayed and worshipped together, attended breakout sessions for different age groups, and found out about opportunities to jump into all year long. I loved getting to talk with people about where God is leading them and what missions opportunities they are seeking. We are celebrating all that God is doing in our world.

I led a breakout session on what myMISSION is and how others can get involved. The thing about young women on mission is that everyone is searching for what “our mission” is, trying to find “my mission,” at least for now. Growing in our faith, finding community along the way, and knowing our next step in missions is what myMISSION is all about. Whether we are college students, young professionals, moms, missionaries, or leaders—we need each other. Some call it “missions education.” I call it learning for life.

If we want to be on mission for life, we need to be learners for life, always open for what God wants to show us next. Sometimes He speaks clearly through His Word, sometimes through circumstances, often through friends and family as we all pray and seek Him together. Sometimes He shows us a great need in the world that we cannot get off our minds. Maybe it is His will for us to pray diligently, maybe to raise awareness or needed funds, maybe it is to go—to physically adapt our life goals to make a real difference—to change our world.

We can’t do it alone, but with God leading us, guiding us, filling us with His power, nothing is impossible. Aren’t we praying for “His will to be done on earth, as it is in heaven”? What could that look like?

I am getting very excited about this next year. The thought of young women, having their own place in WMU to find their mission, to change their world together is exciting. What will God do? What does God want us to do? If you could change, start, grow, or jump into anything, what would it be? Write me at Let’s change the world together, maybe one thing at a time.

We’ve had a great start. So far, so good. But what’s next for you? Let’s find out together.




Laura Harper is a new ministry consultant at WMU. She loves her family, coffee, chocolate, and all things missions.






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