Stay Connected

A lot of reasons seem pretty valid for disconnecting with someone these days. With the ever-growing use of social media, it’s fairly easy to get offended by some thought your classmate from kindergarten posted that you never would have known if she hadn’t been awake at 3 a.m. with no one to talk to. A lot of Christians may choose to stay away from social media for this very reason. Not this girl.

I am absolutely grateful for such unique ways to connect with people. Here I am, approximately 909 miles away from my parents on a daily basis, but I can still see anything that is going on in their lives that they want me to see! When I turn FaceTime on, no matter who I’m calling, my son now says, “Memaw? Memaw!” because he knows that usually his Memaw’s face is going to pop up. He’s going to get to grow up knowing her face, just because of technology like this! We can share videos, pictures, posts, deep thoughts, and even the thoughts that come across our mind that generations before us would never have dreamed of sharing!

But even more important than getting to connect with my family so regularly despite the miles is the incredible opportunity we have to share the love of God with 120, 478, or even 2,000 friends! (I know there’s somebody out there accepting friend requests from every person they’ve ever known! Don’t hide your face!)

We have an opportunity with our technologically “connected” world to share the love of God whenever we please. If you’re the Christian who chooses not to utilize a social media outlet, that’s OK, but if you’re one of the 1.71 billion active Facebook users in this world, don’t let that opportunity pass you by. Get connected in a new way. Share something from your devotion time that was meaningful. Talk about a ministry you’re a part of. Take a moment to consider what you’re reading about people, and pray for them accordingly.

With technology, we don’t have to wait four days for a letter to show up in the mailbox of a friend who desperately needs to hear the love God has for her; we can send a message that will get there immediately! Take time today to shift the balance on your news feed from negativity to love and the One Who gave love to us. No matter how far away you are from friends or family who need to hear the gospel, be intentionally present in their lives. Stay connected. There’s no excuse not to anymore.


Allison Turner is the mother to three babies in three different places—in heaven, in her home, and in the womb! A ramen connoisseur who believes music can reach even the darkest soul, Allison is loving serving the community of Blytheville with her husband, Travis.





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