A Taste of Boldness

A few semesters ago, I befriended two Chinese students in one of my classes. We could not be more different, but we had great conversations and I was able to begin to share my faith. When they suggested I experience authentic Chinese cuisine to celebrate the end of class, I was eager to continue our conversations while doing something I love: eating.

A few days later, I prayed continuously as I drove to the restaurant, asking for boldness to share the gospel clearly. By the time I arrived, I still didn’t feel the boldness I had prayed for, but I felt comforted by the smell of fried rice. Unfortunately, this feeling quickly vanished when my friends met me and said, “We already ordered for you!”

Soon an array of dishes came and covered our table, revealing various kinds of meat and organs. I looked at the table and felt like a contestant on Fear Factor. But then the Spirit reminded me to pray. I asked if I could bless the food, and then the conversation flowed naturally as I shared my faith and put unidentifiable meats on my plate.

First Corinthians 9:22b says, “I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some.” I don’t think that Paul had authentic Chinese cuisine in mind when he said “by all means,” but that’s certainly the means the Lord used in my life to share the gospel across different cultures. Although eating strange food is a small and silly example of doing whatever it takes to share the gospel, I still needed the reminder and strength of the Spirit through talking with the Father to share the gospel in that moment. It’s only when we are continuously in communion with the Father that He makes us aware of these opportunities, whatever they may look—or taste—like!

Emily Killen is a recent grad and current graduate student of Samford University who loves exploring and tasting all that Birmingham has to offer.
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