Be Real!

Genuine, bona fide, true. . . all key ingredients to relationships that matter. Being real with people can help us earn the opportunity to share the Gospel. So, how do we cultivate authenticity with those around us?

*Start with honesty. Find common ground without pretending to be something you’re not. Share strengths and struggles with humility, at appropriate times.

*Accept others. Refrain from judging people when they share things happening in their lives. Even if it’s not something you’ve encountered, try to acknowledge their feelings. When you need to share a differing opinion, respect their right to make their own decisions.

*Be trustworthy. Do what you say you’ll do. Make every effort to align your words with your actions. Keep confidences! Let others know if they confide in you, you will not share the information with others without permission (even disguised as a well-meaning prayer request.)

*Apologize. If you’re honest with yourself and others and see yourself as a fellow sojourner in this thing called life, you are bound to mess up sometime. Be willing to say you’re wrong and ask forgiveness. Sometimes vulnerability is just what’s needed to break down barriers and show Christ’s love to a hurting world.


Kimberly Hart is a wife, mom, and teacher from Gainesville, FL.

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